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Are you an individual facing personal or workplace challenges?

Personal training and coaching is very often driven by a motivation for personal change or development. The motivation for change may come from a personal or professional questioning.

Boot up with Walk Your Change

As you are facing personal or workplace challenges, do not hang up your boots just yet. Let me take you on a journey. My personal story may inspire you and allow you to discover new opportunities, to make choices and commit to changes in your life and career. 

Do not worry, we are not taking a walk on the wild side: my expertise in the field of HR, talent acquisition and the job market will ensure you create a realistic roadmap for your future. As your coach, I will walk you through the talents you already have and make sure you can (re)engage in life or at work, one step at a time. Together, let’s find your stride.  

Whether your objective is personal or professional, we will  

  • Clarify what you want 
  • Assess where you are right now 
  • Review your resources and options 
  • Create an action plan 
  • Stimulate your motivation and commitment 
  • Calibrate and keep you on track 
  • Celebrate successes along the way 

Typical training and coaching topics I can help you with:

Leadership development

  • Examples

    • Recruit the best possible people 
    • Create happier teams 
    • Develop your people 
    • Deal with disengaged employees 
    • Give feedback

Personal development

  • Examples

    • Manage stress  
    • Improve interaction skills 
    • Build resilience 
    • Handle change 
    • Increase happiness

Career management

  • Examples

    • Onboard new job 
    • Design career path  
    • Grow leadership 
    • Deal with work disengagement 
    • Prepare for job change or promotion
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Your partner for: 

  • Career counselling (Loopbaanbegeleiding VDAB in partnership with HUDSON) 
  • Career coaching 
  • Executive, leadership or employee coaching  
  • Life coaching