For your company

Do you recognize these obstacles along the way?

You need a perfectly trilingual EN/NL/FR trainer/coach?

You need your programmes to be delivered consistently throughout your multilingual organisation.  

You know that working with different trainers and coaches requires separate, time-consuming briefings.  

You prefer a coherent approach, identical content and a consistent level of quality in the development and delivery of your programmes. 

You want the same trainer/coach to give the exact same workshop in different languages to make sure all teams benefit of the same message.  

Your ideal trainer/coach:  

  • Delivers offline and online trainings in English, Dutch and French 
  • Continuously adapts materials to the level and knowledge of the audience 
  • Guarantees the consistency of key messages across the organisation 

You miss a trainer/coach who provides valuable feedback and insights for your further business and development needs?

A trainer/coach who merely delivers a training with a ‘tick-the-box’ mentality is of no use to you. 

You value the feedback and insights from trainees and want to know how they feel in the organisation. 

You want to improve your range of services and appreciate any input to further develop and engage employees. 

You are keen to collaborate with a trustworthy HR- and business-minded trainer/coach.  

You would love to spar with a trainer/coach who takes up a role as talent and learning partner too. 

You find it hard to find a trainer/coach who facilitates both offline and online trainings?

You have good trainers and coaches in your current pool of freelancers, but they are reluctant to deliver online.  

You feel the pressure to offer your clients a blended learning approach or online workshops.  

You have become acquainted with blended and online learning and see its added value. 

Your current freelancers cannot be persuaded to upgrade their facilitation skills to new technologies and needs. As such, you are missing out on opportunities. 

You need a trainer/coach with a long-standing experience in online facilitation and delivery. 

You receive a client request and find out there is no content available?

A new opportunity arises but your regular learning and development consultants are fully booked or away on holiday.  

You think: “Damn, no content, no deal” as you scramble for a professional you can trust. 

You need a trainer/coach who can meet the client, analyse his situation, define his learning needs and develop the content for a training or coaching programme. 

You get annoyed when trainees mention that “their training was not interactive enough”, “they learned next to nothing” or “it was a waste of their time”?

You want your trainer/coach to stimulate interest and increase enthusiasm for self-development and self-growth. 

You dream of an engaged and energized audience, ending up with new insights and an elaborate action plan that is on par with your investment. 

An authentic and pragmatic approach may help you reach your objective. All the while, the journey towards appreciative inquiry and empowerment may help you and your team reach peak performance.

You get frustrated as trainees complain that training materials are full of spelling and language mistakes?

Your programmes need to be rolled out in different languages. 

Presentations and materials must be translated but translation agencies or sidekicks use machine translations like Google Translate, resulting in weird sentences and expressions.  

You know very well that this kind of mishaps hurt your image and reputation. 

You want to offer quality and that includes supporting materials. 

For you

Do you face these barriers in your path?

You are considering a job or career switch?

You know what you do not want any longer but have no idea of what you really want. What are your talents and competencies? And how can you make changes happen? 

Or you do know what you want but are scared to jump in. You could use someone to spur you on. 

Or you know what you want and how to make it happen but you need someone to challenge you, to check your resume and your LinkedIn profile, to help prepare for job interviews and negotiating terms and to keep you on track till you get there. 

You need a trekking buddy, someone who knows you and walks along with you to your new destination.

You want to develop your management or leadership skills?

You manage or supervise a team. You like it but it is not always easy. You struggle between your own day-to-day duties and managing the people in your team. 

You deal with employees who have lost their motivation or are clearly unhappy. And you wonder what you can do about it. 

You give regular feedback to your team members but unfortunately, nothing seems to change. 

You would like to know when you need to act as a coach, as a manager or as a mentor. So far, you tried and nothing seems to work. You need seven league boots. 

You feel disengaged, stretched, stressed, or drained?

You are no longer happy at work. You are wondering if you should switch jobs or move to another company.  

The job you do no longer motivates you and you are working in autopilot mode. 

You no longer believe in your company’s values. There is a confusing disconnect between you and your company and colleagues. 

You want to understand all this and act before it is too late.

You have received worrisome feedback on your performance?

You thought you were doing fine at your current job but have just found out you are at risk.  

You are unsure what to make of the cautionary feedback. Should you accept it, deny it or take up action?  

You worry about the consequences.  

You need someone to help you understand this input and work on it so you can adapt and get back on track. 

You feel a need to reshape your interaction skills?

You are dealing with some communication challenges with colleagues or at home.  

Misunderstandings lead to awkward situations and keep you awake at night.  

You try to explain things clearly, but your counterparts do not seem to truly get what you are saying. Or they say they do but to your frustration, nothing changes. 

You want to put a stop to these tricky situations and are keen to understand different communication styles and approaches. 

You are overwhelmed with fear, to-do lists and must-do’s?

You do all that people expect you to do, at home or at work.  

You give it your all but there is no appreciation for what you do and it does not feel right. 

You feel that life is passing you by. 

You feel that enough is enough, but that is easier said than done.  

You dream of deciding for yourself what matters most to you.

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