My story

I train and coach
employees, managers and organisations
to empower their talent.

Why do I train and coach?

My passion for training and coaching kickstarted long ago with an opportunity to facilitate workshops on employee engagement at a former employer. With an increasingly strong focus on talent and learning management, I started training and coaching many team leaders and line managers who were looking to improve their key HR soft skills. These included leadership competencies, coaching skills and personal development to manage themselves or their team more effectively.

As an avid trekker and taking my cue from many inspired walks, one day I decided to take a path less travelled and see where it took me. I moved from Wallonia to Bruges and created WALK YOUR CHANGE. With a heartfelt focus on training and coaching of leadership skills, personal development, talent and career management, I have taken hundreds of professionals on a guided journey ever since. 

Needless to say, my years as an HR professional in well-known multinationals ensured a thorough expertise in HR practices and methodologies that is now facilitating my training and coaching. I have truly found my stride as I am coaching employees, managers and organisations who are facing workplace challenges. I quite simply love helping them find their feet.


Why Walk Your Change?


I used to be on survival mode...

I used to think that the shortest and quickest route was the best way to get me from point A to B. That the most obvious path to achieve my goals was the most straightforward road ahead. Right?  

However, taking inspiration from my real-life treks and walks, I began to realize that diversions and side roads have so much more to offer. Previously, I would feel reluctant to venture into side trails as they seemed longer, and I might get lost. Little did I know these strolls off the beaten track would offer unexpected benefits. I learned that taking a side path can be full of surprises and learnings which I would not have discovered had I safely sticked to the main road.  

So, if you find yourself at a crossroads and the tracks on your left or right seem frightening, confronting or challenging, pause for a second and take the leap. Dare to wander off, go for a stroll, one step at a time. Who knows, it may give much in return and you may end up further than you initially planned.

As getting to the top was all that mattered, I nearly missed it all… 

I love trekking and mountaineering. When I follow a mountain trail, there is nothing but utter focus, finding your rhythm, watching your step.  

A few years ago, I was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and during the ascent, I stopped to pause for a moment, raised my head and looked behind me… As I marvelled at more than a hundred little shiny lights below me in the dark – the headlamps of my fellow trekkers – I felt so privileged to belong to this group of people who were able to go after what they want and get it too. As I resumed walking, I realized that, had I not stopped and looked back, I would never have experienced this beautiful sight and feeling. Instead, I would merely remember a long, tedious ascent at night into the crater Kibo.  

And so, I learned that you need to stop and look back from time to time. Contemplate where you come from and what you have achieved so far. To be brutally honest, often when you reach the summit of a mountain or volcano, it is all fogged up anyway and there is no view to speak of. Trust me, it is the walking that you will always remember. Pausing every now and then, looking back into the valley behind, those are the moments that offer new perspectives, calls for adjustments and a feeling of contentment. 

The challenge is to know when to reach for the top and when to wander around. In the walk of life, thousands of paths lie ahead.

Now, every single day, I try to let go. It offers so much more than holding on… 

Most of us have been taught that holding on is strong. But we should also have been taught to let go. To give up on something does not necessarily imply weakness. Sometimes it means that you have the strength and the courage to let go of something that is holding you back.  

I know from experience that the most obvious paths and mapped-out trails are not always the most exciting ones. Today, I help individuals to define their own route and to start walking to the beat of a different drum, their drum.

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